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Get Pounded! 

Okay, Powerlifters are our best customers, and powerlifting is done in Metric numbers, but Calibrated Kilo plates are expensive. Even our calibrated plates, while cheapest in kind, are still pricey for home gyms.   

So we've come out with our own pound plates, the StrongArm Pounder.  A simple clean design, with handles for easy pickup on all but the smallest sizes.  Diameter of the 45 lb plate is 45 cm, 17.7", weight tolerance of plus/minus 3%. 

Each set includes as many 45's as you select, plus 2 x 35, 2 x 25, 4 x 10, 2 x 5 and 2 x 2.5. Four of the 10's are required to make all weight increments, you can't put 20 or 22.5 lbs a side with just 2.5, 5, 10, 25.

Available in single plates on this page, or in sets below, just pick how many 45's you want, then start pounding those weights!  All prices INCLUDE SHIPPING to any lower 48 state. 

Size             DIAMETER      THICKNESS 
2.5LB            162MM            18MM
5LB                205                     21
10LB              232                     29
25LB              275                     34
35LB              365                     35
45LB              450                     40