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Powerlifting contests are always done using the metric size plates, yet most commercial gyms use "pound" plates that are usually low quality, meaning inaccurate weights. When you are training for a contest, you want to know that your training weights are EXACTLY what you want them to be, not plus or minus.... anything!

StrongArm plates are made to IPF specifications for calibrated weight, dimensions and colors. They are not on the IPF approved list (not yet at least), but only because we did not want to pay the enormous fees the IPF wants for this.  They are good for use in any USAPL, USPA or other federations contests that require IPF Spec plates, and home or commercial gyms. You can be assured they are every bit as precise and accurate as the plates you will see on any contest platform. You are just paying considerably less for them!

We've had our plates tested and certified as correct weight, see this page for more information and documentation of the testing. All sets include as many 25 kg's as you select, and a pair each of 20, 15, 10, 5, 2.5 and 1.25 kg plates.

All prices include shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states. (AK or HI, contact us) 

Customer Reviews

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Brandon Gardner
Not great

Paint on them wears away instantly. As far as weight concern they’re fine, but paint comes off on bar and posts

Toby Love
Love them

I love the way these feel going onto the bar. There is NO SLOP at all. Tight fit. Plates compact very well. 20 and 25 kg plates are DECEPTIVELY dense (at least they are to me, coming from bumper plates). Absolutely worth the time and money.

Daniel Rathbun

I ordered the 357kg set of calibrated plates, a power bar, a dish storage and calibrated collars. Everything was shipped quickly. The plates were a bit scuffed up but that could just as easily be blamed on Fedex or Ups. They still look great. The bar is a great value though the knurl is AGGRESSIVE. The dish storage makes everything look even more legit.

Our gym is full of Kabuki, Eleiko, Slater and Rogue products. The Strongarm gear looks right at home alongside all our other gear

Strongarm is a great value and I intend to be a regular customer as our gym grows.

Rex Okpeyen
Great product

I got the 307kg calibrated plates and the strongarm combo rack. They where excellent, arrived before expected delivery date, 0 complaints from me. They offered free shipping and best price compared to competitors. With strongarm you don’t have to break the bank to get quality products. Highly recommend.

Joseph Koenecke
Great customer service, quality not as expected

First of all, I am 100% satisfied with Mike and the StrongArm team's customer service! They were so very accommodating for me with regular updates, fast replies to emails, and going out of their way to fulfil my order. I am disappointed with the quality of the plates, however. It is my understanding that this recent batch of calibrated plates was from a new provider. I was expecting, based on product pictures, that these would machined plates that look very similar to Rogue, Ghost, etc, just without the IPF sticker of approval. The plates seem to be cast molded, with rough surfaces, not the nice clean machined look. Additionally, and which I am most upset about, is that the plates are actually not calibrated to the gram as stated. On a calibrated scale my plate set ranged from 55.0 to 55.3lbs per plate, while a handful were 55.1lbs on the dot, half of the plates were not accurate. I assume that this issue is mostly on the providers part, but I hope that StrongArm is able to go back to their previous provider of plates, especially since we are paying alot of money to ensure the plates are calibrated. I do not think I would be comfortable using this current batch of plates in a competition (they are USPA approved) unfortunately due to the calibration issues. I am also aware that I am not the only one with these issues. A local gym in my area ordered from the same batch and has the same issues. I would like to reiterate however just how great the customer service was. I did not reach out about these issues as I am not generally the type to complain or demand refunds etc, but this survey just came into my email I felt like I should share my experience. I would love to purchase more from StrongArm in the future if these issues get corrected! - Joe

Thanks for the feedback Joe. A number of our customers have reported weighing their plates and all found them to be 100% accurate.

It should be pointed out also that the plates are not meant weight 55 lbs. They are 25 kg. 25 kg converts to 55.115, so your 55.1 are within the allowed tolerance. The 55.3 are a little over, but only about 43 grams, about 1 1/2 ounces. Not very much.