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Our all-new StrongArm Buffalo bar was built from the ground up and made to our own specs. Here are the improvements:

  • A better quality of steel using a superior steel, thicker than normal, 32mm Chromium alloy steel.
  • Nicer finish: Black Zinc finish to prevent rusting, with bare steel sleeves
  • Bigger and badder a full 92 inches, with an extra thick block and sleeves, weight is 50 lbs.
  • Aggressive knurl as any self-respecting powerlifting bar does, the new buffalo bar features are sharp knurling found on our Barenaked power bars.
  • 3" drop at the rings.  With the bar on the floor, the top of the bar at the center is 7.25 inches from the floor. At the rings the top of the bar is 4.25 inches up, a difference of 3". 

    So you’ve been in the gym squatting and benching like there is no tomorrow. Hitting all the PR’s. But all that huge weight you’ve been slinging around is beating up your shoulders.

    Enter the Buffalo Bar. This is not just some super bent bar. The Buffalo Bar is strategically designed to alleviate stress from your shoulders while squatting, benching. A huge benefit of a cambered bar is that it is still very similar to a regular movement with a stiff bar, you even grip the bar like a proper squat but with significantly less pressure on your shoulder joints. Unlike a Safety Squat Bar, the Buffalo Bar can be used for upper body movements too!

    It’s the perfect bar for off-season training, and one of the best options to push up your volume in-season without doing any damage to your body or doing a completely different movement. Other than the Squat and Good Morning, the Buffalo Bar is great for the bench. With the Buffalo Bars signature bow in the bar, you will be able to add several inches to your range of motion. This will help to strengthen your press of the chest as well as assisting with muscular development.

    The StrongArm Buffalo bar is every bit the same quality level as a Kabuki Duffalo bar, but a Duffalo will cost you nearly three times the price.

    The Buffalo Bar has many benefits to any athlete, and if you already suffer from shoulder pain or just want to help prevent it, the Buffalo Bar is a must!

    Customer Reviews

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    Darren Anderson
    A good specialty bar for many of my training needs

    Feels good on my back when doing squats knurling on it feels pretty good quality and construction is outstanding

    stefan green
    Amazing Quality

    I’ve been competing in powerlifting for 10+ years now. I’ve been around the block a bit and specifically train conjugate method. So, I use different bars weekly for training. This is a great quality cambered bar. Knurling isn’t too aggressive but it’s gripy. Honestly having lifting with a duffalo bar and this bar the only difference is the knurling and I believe the sleeve length is a bit longer but could be wrong. For this price you’d be stupid to go with another cambered bar if you have a home gym.