Loadable Dumbbell Bar
Loadable Dumbbell Bar

Loadable Dumbbell Bar

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Looking to get a some dumbbells? A set of fixed weight dumbbells from 15 lb to 100 lb in 5 lb increments will cost you around $1300, plus the cost to ship 1000 lbs to you, plus another $100 or more for a rack to put it all on. Plus the space to keep it all!

Instead, consider one of our loadable dumbbell bars. Even with some extra plates, the total cost to make every increment up to 100 lbs won't be more than about $250, even less if you have lots of smaller plates in your gym already.

The bar shaft is 25 mm and well knurled like a regular bar, and the sleeves are long enough to load it up heavy.

Ya, it's a little more work, but you're not pumping iron because it's easy, are you? 

Sold in singles.


  • Black zinc coating

  • 25mm handle

  • 20.5 inch length, Sleeves are 7 inches

  • 6kg/13.2lbs

  • Brass bushings