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Bench Blokz

Many seem to think that "Board Presses" are something that only Equipped lifters should do. Not so! Lowering the bar to the height of a half, one, two, three, four or five boards (the thickness of a 2x4, actually about 1 1/2" being a "board") off your chest can be beneficial to any bench presser, Equipped or RAW.

A board press will:
- work your triceps, as it starts at the area where the triceps take over the lift
- stress the front deltoids also, for the same reason
- allow you to use heavier poundage and/or more reps than you can press from the chest, good for getting the "feel" of the heavier weight.

The problem though... how do you train with boards if you train alone? Now you can with Bench Blokz. Bench Blokz clamp onto the bar and stay attached, so you are lowering the block to your chest with each rep.

Available as a set for $99.95, or singly, the #1 is for 1/2 board and one board thickness at $44.95 and the #2 is for two, three, four and five boards thick at $64.95.