StrongArm Sport East

StrongArm Sport is located in Western Canada, yet we have a large customer base in the Atlantic region.  Shipping from the west to the far east can be very costly!  In respect of this, we are proud to announce the opening of StrongArm EAST.  

Operated by Larry Leblanc of Souris PEI, our East division will focus on the "hard and heavy" stuff, and warehouse the following items: 

- StrongArm Combo racks

- StrongArm Calibrated plates

- StrongArm Bars

  • Power bar
  • Squat bar
  • Conventional Deadlift bar
  • Sumo Deadlift bar
  • Buffalo Bar

- StrongArm "Dishrack" plate stand

The same great prices, but Larry should be able to offer much better shipping to the Atlantic region and Quebec.  More items will be added over coming months. 

Contact Larry by email at