Shipping and Return Policies


Small Items

Items like belts, singlets, wraps, and items of a similar nature ship via UPS or Canada Post at a Flat Rate according to the weight of the order. USA order via UPS mostly. 

Similarly, all bars ship for a flat rate of $40 to anywhere in the Canada, usually by UPS. If you are ordering multiples, please use our Contact page to ask about lower per-piece rates. (Not a large difference, but a few bucks at least) 

Larger Items

Racks, weights, benches and such can vary considerably in size and weight. Depending on the size and weight of the order, StrongArm Sport uses Day and Ross trucking mostly, though it way be contracted to a local company at the receiver's end.  Rough estimates can usually be given by email, accurate quotes within 24 to 48 hours. Use our Contact page to ask. Please include exact item names and quantities.  Not "how much to ship a set of plates" when that set might be 300 lbs... or 1000 lbs.  


Defective Items

Any item found to be defective or a wrong size was shipped (not what was ordered) can be returned for exchange, you will be reimburse for your shipping costs.  

Other Returns

For returns for other reasons, like incorrect size, don't like it, don't need it, and similar, please contact us, each case will be considered on it's own merit.  

Warranty on bars

Bars are warrantied against defects in manufacture when received.  Bar are NOT warrantied against bending.  While we are quite confident that our bars will not bend under normal use, including with heavy loads, any bar can be bent if not used properly. 

Return Address

All items will be returned to 7519-F 30th St. SE, Calgary AB, T2C 1V4