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Equipped lifting is not DEAD!

Unequipped lifting may have taken over the sport, but some Classic lifters are starting to hit their peak in raw lifting, and wondering how much they could do in a squat suit, bench shirt, or even just a pair of kneewraps. 

With the number of models, styles, sizes and colors possible, it's impossible to keep stock on hand, so all items are done on "special order" basis. Stock sizes usually take about 4 to 6 weeks, custom made items take up to 10 weeks. (Kneewraps are kept in stock)  Occasionally, an item is returned because the size is wrong, so we MAY have what you need on hand, check with us.  

Equipped gear can take some time to learn, especially the higher end items. We strongly recommend you start at the lower end for each item, they will be less tight, less unyielding to the movement, but will still increase your poundages and prepare you for the higher end stuff. Think of it as learning to drive racing cars by starting in a Corvette, not a Formula 1 car. 

Note: all items will be from standard or "stock" size items. Most are available as completely custom tailored versions for around $60 more.

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