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The one thing anyone who lifts weights needs is a good bar.  Stiff, well knurled, accurate and solid.  Our Strongarm meets all of these requirements and more.  

- Choice of bare steel shaft or black zinc plated shaft 

- Sleeves on the bare steel bar are chrome, on the black zinc they are bare steel (an error by the factory, both will be chrome in the future) 

- deep knurling for a great grip

- narrow collars, allowing more weight to be loaded

- ribbing on the sleeves to help your collars to grip better. 

Tensile Strength: 210,000 PSI 
1500 lb capacity. 

At just $219.95 including shipping you won't find a better Power bar for a better price.



Want to keep that new bar looking and feeling new?  Use StrongBar barbell lubricant and rust protectant on it! 

$26.95 a bottle. (including shipping) 





Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jacob Parker
= or > than OPB

So far as I have compared this bar (I have 4 Strongarm Power bars) to the Rogue Ohio Power Bar, I would choose the Strongarm bar, amazing value. Will review again in a couple of years, but initial months I am super impressed.

Raymond Rodewig III
Great PowerBar

I highly recommend this powerbar. The price is very reasonable and the quality it just as good as your other brands that's more expensive. They did a great job manufacturing this bar for sure. The knurling is perfect to me.

Glenn McGovern
This is an Awesome Bar

This bar is exactly what I wanted: rigid with deep knurling. I won’t need chalk until I start getting into maximum poundages. I also own a standard bar. Comparing the two, I found that I can fit more weight onto the power bar. The power bar has a wider center knurling, making it easier to support the bar on the back. I deadlift with the standard bar and do everything else with the power. (Easier on my shins that way.)