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Introducing the StrongArm "Dish Rack"!

Eleiko of Sweden makes many wonderful products. One of these is a standup plate rack. The largest plates are standing in the rack at waist height, so no bending down to pick them up. Smaller plates go on posts for easy access.

It's a great product, seen at all World Championships. It sells for over $800 in the USA!

We thought we could reproduce it, and make it even better, and do it for much less.
  • We added a shelf for a brush, bleach and so on.
  • 5 posts for small plates and collars.
  • Sturdy wheels for easy mobility, even fully loaded. (not shown on the diagram)
  • Bolted together rather than welded. Shipping disassembled means lower shipping costs.
Price is for ONE rack, shipped to your location. 

Customer Reviews

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Scott Sciaretta - Old Dawg Powerlifting
Plate Rack

These 2 racks are built extremely well, and I expect to get many years of use out of it. StrongArm was great to work with and look to do business in the future.

Dustin Kueck

Product is as expected but shipping wasn’t. Was shipped freight but the truck didn’t have a lift to lower the pallet to the ground. I was told “it’s here on the edge of the truck” and expected to have a forklift. I told the driver typically freight deliveries have a lift in the truck and was told “that cost extra”. If so, you all need to pay bag extra. I had to help the man pick up a pallet and lower it to the ground by hand. Kind of pointless and glad it wasn’t heavier than it was.

Dave Backstrom
We’ll built

Well built and sturdy. Had some pieces missing. Waiting on those pieces. They said they would ship.

Austin Jenkins
Great for the price

Very satisfied with the purchase. USPA director here in TN uses these and travels with them so they’re good enough for us too!

Martin Drake
The incredible dish rack for competition loading

These very sturdy built competition plate holders are game changers. They are designed to have the heaviest plates at just the right height to make it easier on loaders at an event. I've been looking for something like this for a very long time and to find such quality at a very affordable price is amazing amazing