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The Referee lights at a powerlifting meet need to be three things.... Reliable, Reliable, and RELIABLE!

As an IPF Referee for 20+ years, I've seen lot of light systems. Wireless is very hot these days, great idea, but I have yet to see one that works instantly, every time. Line of sight problems, switch batteries go dead, whatever. Fancy systems from the IPF also, using software and a computer screen to show the "lights". Great, until it stopped working. Not to mention the 900 Euro price.

The one wireless system we do like is the DRL system, but it's $1199, plus the cost of a display monitor.  

There's just nothing as reliable as an old fashioned wired system. ER Canada's lights will work, every time (barring a broken bulb).

- 50 feet of cable for each switch
- wired to IPF specs, no lights come on until all switches are flipped one way or the other
- sturdy plywood construction
- commercial grade vinyl covering (the same used on guitar amps and similar)
- protective corners and aluminum edge moulding
- all cables fit inside the back of the case.
- front panel hinges open for easy bulb replacement.
- standard white bulbs are used, easily replaced  (60 watt LED equivalent)
- carry strap on top.
- tripod hole on the bottom, fits standard size PA system stands available at music stores for $40 - $50
- usually have at least one on hand, but if not, its 2 or 3 day for construction.

These are a homemade style device, not certified.

Customer Reviews

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Randy Fry (Owner of Fry's Family Fitness)
Reliable and easy to use

I have worked with the wireless ones that are on the market and every time I have used them, there is always a problem. I have been to 4 meets where they used Strongarm Sports Ref lights and zero issues. Can not wait to use them at our meets that we host.

Joshua Moore
Referee Lights

Great product! Works flawlessly

Spero Tshontikidis
Strong Arm USA Referee Lights

Just used our new Referee Lights from Strong Arm USA at the Florida State Powerlifting Championships. The system was flawless, and the speaker stand attachment capability made the lights visible to referees, lifters, and attendees. Incredible product!