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StrongArm Competition Collars will complete any set of competition quality powerlifting gear at a reasonable price.

With a full chrome finish and a body made of solid steel, these hefty barbell collars are 2.5kg each and feature a two-piece, easy-to-adjust star design and T-handle to get them good and tight on your bar.

At $75 a pair, these are the lowest price competition style collars you'll find.

Customer Reviews

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David Koch
StrongArm Comp Collars

These comp collars are brilliant. I forgot how nice competition collars were. The lever to tighten it down on the bar is small and thin so I use a small tool to get some extra torque on it. Just as good as any other competition collar I have used. And according to my scale they weighed exactly 2.5kg each.

Competition calibrated kilo plates

I had an order pending with another vendor and after waiting for a month I was informed that I wouldn't get my order for another two months. I canceled and started shopping again. Strongarm was definitely on my radar from the beginning but at the time I wasn't ready to purchase. I checked their site and the weights were in stock. I placed my order with Strongarm and within 12 days they arrived. Each plate packed separately in a box with straps on a skid. No scratches or defects. I weighed each plate and all are within specs. You can spend more for a bigger name but Strongarm are my go to for my garage gym needs! Great quality and bang for your buck. Got the collars too. 👍🏿💪🏿Thanks again Mike!

Toan Do
Great collars - fast shipping to the US

I saw some negative reviews and thought I'd add my positive experience. I needed some inexpensive 2.5kg collars to complete my newly acquired calibrated kg plates and came across these. The collars I received are not the Titex ones noted in the other review, they are non-branded 2.5kg metal competition collars with a thin chrome coating over them. Although they are not in perfect condition, likely from shipping, they are exceptional for the price paid (especially with shipping included to the US - I live in NJ). Comparable collars are at least twice the price.

I expect these to last just as long as any other equipment I have and they are a great addition. Price and value are perfect.

Zach Sather
Received wrong items

Ordered these, got really beat up Titex collars instead. Figure it out.

Not as pictured

These are not the collars depicted in the picture. They are Titex collars, which is fine, just let the consumer see what they are buying. The good thing is they are IPF approved and weigh exactly 2.5kg each. They secure the barbell very well. This is everything I need in a competition collar. The bad thing is that it isn't what was pictured and they arrived really beat up. If you want to buy Titex orange collars with paint chipped off all over, these are the ones for you. They work great and are a better price than the Titex site offers. Just be aware of what you are getting.

We were out of the Strongarm collars when you ordered Zach, but had lots of the Titex collars in stock, so we were sending those instead. Higher quality and more expensive for sure, most people were fine with the substitution. I assure you they were in perfect condition when they left us, but shipping damages can and DO happen. You should have contacted us directly about that. Send us some photos. We have the collars you ordered in stock now, if you still want them.