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Since we first introduced the StrongArm Combo rack, we would get the question "do the racks tilt in like like ER/Eleiko racks do?".  This position allows the lifter to position their hands right out at the collars, most commonly done by the larger lifters.  The answer was simple, "no, they don't, sorry".  

We considered getting the rack redesigned to allow for this, but it would mean  extensive and costly changes, and existing racks would not benefit. 

So we came up with a solution that is easy to add, inexpensive, and can be added to any rack we've sold to date. 

Our Rack's In attachment is made from 5 mil aluminum, with hi-tensile bolts. It attaches where the existing roller is, and uses that roller, re-positioned a little higher.  The concept is the same as the premium racks, the attachment tilts in, and takes only a second or two to change.

$89.95 per pair, $79.95 if you are adding it to a rack purchase.