Fat Pad Bench
Fat Pad Bench
Fat Pad Bench

Fat Pad Bench

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A rock solid light commercial grade fat bench at an affordable price.

From our friends at Bells of Steel this new fat flat bench is a similar design and weight capacity to our regular flat bench but with an extra fat (4 inches thick) pad as well as a slightly shorter footprint.

Why a Fat pad? A fat pad offers improved shoulder mobility for exercises like dumbbell presses or fly's, where you want that maximum stretch, or for smaller lifters where a harder bench bench can infringe your shoulders.  Also you can arch easier, while staying in full contact with the bench.  

Other features that come standard on our flat benches:

Improved grippy vinyl that helps prevent slipping when benching and finished in a stunning powder coat matte black.

Rear mounted wheels and a handle for easily moving around the gym or an option to bolt it down to keep the bench extra stable.

The iron-clad design has a 1,000lb weight capacity so you can set PR’s with full confidence.

The 3 point foot design allows even the most narrow stance bench presser to adjust their feet perfectly. The fat pad bench dimensions are also designed to meet IPF bench specs.

  • Warranty: Lifetime on structural welds and frame

  • Assembled Dimensions 50 L x 24.5 W x 17 H inches 46lbs

  • 3 x 3″ 12 gauge steel

  • Comes standard with 4″ thick fat pad