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StrongArm "Dish Rack"

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Introducing the StrongArm "Dish Rack"!

Eleiko of Sweden makes many wonderful products. One of these is a standup plate rack. The largest plates are standing in the rack at waist height, so no bending down to pick them up. Smaller plates go on posts for easy access.

It's a great product, seen at all World Championships. It sells for over $800 in the USA!

We thought we could reproduce it, and make it even better, and do it for much less.
  • We added a shelf for a brush, bleach and so on.
  • 5 posts for small plates and collars.
  • Sturdy wheels for easy mobility, even fully loaded. (not shown on the diagram)
  • Bolted together rather than welded. Shipping disassembled means lower shipping costs.
Price is for ONE rack, shipped to your location. 

Customer Reviews

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Well built.

Worth the price, it will definitely last a long long time. I have some BoS plates in there now, I’m eagerly awaiting the calibrated plates I have on back order with StrongArm. Might buy their sumo bar.