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What is a SQUAT bar and why would you need one?

Are you squatting 300 lbs?  Our StrongArmPower Bar will work great for you.  But if you are doing 500, 600, or 1000 lbs or more, really serious weight, you should be using a squat bar.  

A squat bar is thicker than a regular bar, 32 mil compared to the 28 or 29 of most power bars, making it much stiffer.  When you hit the bottom of a heavy squat, you don't want that bar flexing downwards, making the weight feel even heavier.  It's also longer, allowing more weight to be put on the bar, and making it easier to get your hands outside of the rack hooks (very common for the bigger lifters) and less likely for the plates to bump the rack. 

Bar weight is 25 kg, 55 lbs.  Tensile strength is 210,000 ps1

Lastly, the centre knurling is wider than any other bar, giving that "velcro" feel on your back.   





Want to keep that new bar looking and feeling new?  Use StrongBar barbell lubricant and rust protectant on it! 

$26.95 a bottle. (including shipping) 




 For $379 (including shipping) you won't find a better bar for squatting than ours. 



Customer Reviews

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John D

Excellent knurl and high quality squat bar. Similar to competition bars used in some federations. High Value!

Richard VanCamp
Pretty good squat bar!

There are a lot of things I like about this bar. The width of the center knurling is adequate and hits where it needs on my LBBS. It compares well to the Texas Squat bar. I'd like a tad more aggressive knurling. This is not on par with the Texas bar for knurling, and is probably a couple steps above your run of the mill gym barbell. The knurling is OK, but I expected better knurling out of a dedicated squat bar at this price point (seems the price has gone up since the reviews from Basement Brandon). So, 4 stars from me.

DS - 181 USPA lifter
This is a must-have!

I compete in powerlifting and bought this bar to have as one of my regular squat training bars as well as one for peaks going into meets. This bar is the real deal, it’s a monster. Feels great to squat with, has an over sized center knurl radius and can hold some serious weight. This is my 2nd StrongArm barbell and I love it. I’ll add I typically train on a Texas Squat Bar and this is equally as good if not better.

Lalo Vega
Squat bar

Great bar I love it. No whip with 710lbs and a bar I can’t wait to see how 800 feels on it next

Rich Jimerson
Squat bar

The bar is an excellent edition to my collection. I would rank it up there with the Rogue bars I own. Perfect knurling: not to aggressive but plenty of grip to get the job done.