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A recent surge in business levels due to the Corona virus closing most commercial gyms has wiped out our stock of many items, including this one.  More due mid-April


 As well received as the first StrongArm Power Bar was, we thought it could still be better. 

So we worked with the manufacturer to improve it:

- Finish is bare steel on the shaft, with Chrome sleeves. 
- got the knurling a bit sharper
- the collars narrower to allow more weight to be loaded
- ribbing on the sleeves to help your collars to grip better.

Tensile Strength: 210,000 PSI
1500 lb capacity.

At just $247 including shipping you won't find a better Power bar for a better price.



Want to keep that new bar looking and feeling new?  Use StrongBar barbell lubricant and rust protectant on it! 

$26.95 a bottle. (including shipping) 





Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love the feel of this bar.

This bar feels amazing in your hands. The knurling is aggressive and coarse. The knurling feels thicker and doesn’t rip your hands. I have the newer version and the knurling is equal all the way throughout the bar. Unlike some review videos I saw of the older version. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the ribbed sleeves but after using them I love them. They allow for the collars to have a bit more to bite into so they don’t slide around.

Overall super happy with the bar. Amazing quality for the price!

Favourite bar

I've had this bar for about a year now and it's become my favourite bar. Everything you'd expect from a high end power bar but without the high cost. Comparable to the Ohio power bar, great knurling, stiff, feels great and performs how it should!