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The B.o.S Premium Safety Squat Bar is our newest adaptation of the most popular specialty bar around.

Designed for those with limited shoulder, elbow, and wrist mobility but beloved by powerlifters and garage gym champions everywhere, the Safety squat Bar is the perfect implement for developing the posterior chain and the quadriceps.

The Premium Safety Squat Bar weighs in at 63 pounds (28.5kg) and features a resilient, black zinc finish on the shaft and a beautiful, bright zinc finish on the ample, 36 cm sleeves. The shaft is 1.5” in diameter (38 mm) and features a 5” camber, and the entire bar is 86½” long (2200 mm). Like all Bells of Steel specialty bars, the 50 mm sleeves of the Premium Safety Squat Bar rotate. 

We’ve upgraded the arm and shoulder pads of the Premium Safety Squat Bar. No longer are there three separate pads that can slip, slide, and rotate around the shaft and the handles. The new, high-quality, single-piece pad is dense yet comfortable, and it will always stay in place.

We also doubled the weight capacity, going from the 700-lb max capacity of our Safety Squat Bar 2.0 to an impressive 1,500-lb max capacity! Never will you have to worry whether or not your B.o.S. Safety Squat Bar can handle the weight you plan to throw at it.

The removable handles also allow you to do variations of bench press and tricep exercises.

So why buy a Safety Squat Bar?

The Safety Squat Bar was designed as a training tool for those with mobility issues in the shoulders, elbows, and/or wrists. The front-facing, parallel handles give you a safe and comfortable place to hold the bar rather than having to hold a traditional straight bar and potentially hyperextending your shoulders and elbows, further exacerbating a pre-existing condition or recent injury.

The Safety Squat Bar can also be beneficial to those who blast their shoulders regularly, chasing overhead press and bench press gains. Squatting with a Safety Squat Bar instead of a traditional straight bar can help to give your shoulders a break while still allowing you to crush some squats. Keep in mind, the shoulder girdle is a complex joint, and it’s very susceptible to rotator injuries. There’s no shame in giving them a break from time to time.

Finally, and definitely the reason the Safety Squat Bar is found in so many powerlifting and garage gyms across the land is the fact that the SSB is simply an incredible tool for building the legs and the posterior chain; especially the lower back. The SSB is cambered, and it sits higher on the back than a straight bar. The camber in the bar pushes your torso forward, requiring you to resist this forward motion and stay upright throughout the entire lift. This requires more muscle activation in the lower back, traps, glutes, and lats, and these strength gains absolutely transfer over to your traditional back squat, and even to the deadlift!

Exercises you can do with a Safety Squat Bar

  • Squats (of course!)
  • Lunges
  • Good mornings
  • Various lying bench press /tricep exercises
  • Overhead press

The Safety Squat Bar is a magnificent tool to have in your arsenal, whether you have a pre-existing injury or not. The Safety Squat Bar is incredibly effective at developing the posterior chain, highly versatile, and perhaps even one of the coolest looking specialty bars out there. Give your shoulders a break without having to go easy on the rest of your body with the B.o.S. Premium Safety Squat Bar.

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Love having this bar for accessory work for squats. Thick padding, holds together well and works as it should. Great specialty bar