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Pro Collars

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Our Pro level collars are as high-end as you can get, comparable to the most expensive brands, but at a reasonable price. 

- Calibrated to exactly 2.5 kg

- internal compression ring grips your bar, protecting the finish

- brushed steel finish

You simply won't find better, anywhere.  Priced for a pair, shipping included.

Customer Reviews

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Scott Percy
Damn solid.

Thought these were gonna be badass since they mimicked rogues so much....come to find out they are just that. Damn solid comp collars for almost 100 bucks cheaper. Will be buying more for my gym soon.

Randy Fry (Owner of Fry's Family Fitness)
Pro Collars top of the line

I have the expensive brand name ones and if these would have been available several years ago, I would have purchased these over the other ones. Top notch, very tight fit and very good threading for tightening.